Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 20

ESL 5 My Best Friend My best friend is Nga. She is 56 years old and has been living in Vietnam, which is my country. I have known her since 1979 when I start- ed studying at high school and she was my classmate. She has worked at a commu- nication company for over 35 years and now is retired. Unfortunately, her husband passed away when she was 48. First, she is not only beautiful but also intelligent. She got her master’s degree. She stud- ied professional communica- tion in Vietnam. Second, she is a very kind and supportive friend. She always listens to my problems and gives me advice when I need it. Third, she has many hobbies. She likes exercising, yoga, playing tennis, and walking. Because of that, she looks en- She has to look after her two ergetic and active. She also children alone but she is very likes traveling. She has visit- brave and optimistic. There- ed many countries in Asia and fore, I love her so much. Europe. She hopes to come to 20 Thuy Tran the United States next year. Moreover, she manages her budget very well. She can afford for her two children to study at the uni- versity and have a good life. In conclusion, Nga is my most important friend. She always motivates and helps me solve my problems. Furthermore, she inspires me to study and to work well. I love her a lot and I expect to welcome her in Washington, DC soon.