Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 19

CARLOS ROSARIO SCHOOL I am Jennifer Serrano and I would like to talk about my experience at Carlos Rosario. The first day that I came here, I knew immediately that this school would be the correct place to improve my English and work on my goals. In little time, I learned about things Jennifer Serrano like comparisons of people and places, verbs in the past, present, and future. I also learned how to ask questions using do, does, and will I also learned about superlatives, reading strategies, how to write a paragraph, and many many things Jerome Gonza- les taught me carefully and MY DREAM JOB patiently. Everyone is friend- ly, cooperative, and polite. I am so happy and excited because very soon I will be speaking and reading well. I invite you to be part of this family because it is a family that believes in you. If Carlos Rosario believes in you and your skills, why can’t you? I Job Kpadea n the future, I want to be a lawyer. I think I would be a good lawyer because I’m very responsible. I come to school every day and I do my homework. I’m very responsi- ble and polite and I’m a dedi- cated student, In conclusion, I want to be a lawyer in the future because I have the right skills. 19