Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 15

My First Day in Washington, DC M Rosa Euceda y first day in Washington, DC was on June 29, 2016. First, I saw my mother after five years of not seeing her. Second, it was wonderful for me and my siblings. Then I saw my uncles and aunts. Third, we went to eat at McDonald’s because I came late at 2am and all the other places to eat were closed. In con- clusion, I was happy because I saw my moth- er and family and we celebrated together. My First Winter Sandra Flores Hana M y first winter in the US was Janu- ary 2015. I came from Ethiopia. For the first time I experienced cold weather. The weather in the winter in DC was dark and rainy. I stayed at home but every night or holiday I went outside. I explored the city and I wore a coat. My winter was good. 15