Literary Arts Magazine Spring 2019 - Page 12

ESL 2 My Life I am Komi. I am from Togo in West Africa. I have two brothers and two sisters. They live in my country. My parents are dead. I am so glad to be in the U.S. because it was my most ardent dream. And here is my dream come true so I am happy. I will never forget my first days in this country because it was a little difficult for me since I did not know anyone here. But now I have many friends. I would like to be a cashier or caregiver, have money and then help my family. I thank God for my life. KOMI DOTSE My Next Class I have many plans and resolutions for my next absent. I will speak more English. I will write class. I will come to class every day. I won’t more English and I will participate more in class. leave early. I will pay attention. I will not be I will be an excellent student next semester. GRISELDA RODRIGUEZ 12