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Events Roundup Materials Handling Middle East 2017 concludes in Dubai World-leading suppliers share centre-stage with local heavyweights at region’s dedicated logistics and supply chain exhibition The Middle East’s dedicated trade fair for intralogistics, supply chain management, freight and cargo concluded recently bringing a successful end to three-days of busy networking and discussions of the latest trends and innovations in the market today. Materials Handling Middle East 2017 featured 126 exhibitors from 21 countries, and welcomed 3,300 visitors from 50 countries at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The 9th edition of the biennial th YKY^H][]H\X\][ۈو][وHܛ8&\ X]\X[[[\[\\Y\[Y[Bؘ[YHوZYZHH\[\X[\[HHYY\[H[Y\X[ZXY]X\\Y[X]X˂][X]\YXZ܈[\Y\[\XHݚY\X\[“XX[\K[]Z[H[ܜ[\[]Y][ۈ[[Y\H\[BSUKS[PQK[HHY^H\HZ[[\X‘ܝ[H[HܚY][\]][ۈ[\Y\]ܜ[^X]ܜ[ZB\H[ܛYY[[\Z[Y X]\X[[[ZYHX\ M[X]\YH ܚY\]܂وHYX\8$H[\]YH\]][ۈ\H[ܙH[ وHPQx&\[[YܚY^\\HYYۈZ\X[]HY[H[YXY[BX[]]\YK]ۛ\و[XXܚYXX[\H[Y[\œX\\X][H\Z\H[\ۛY[ H\]][ۈ\ۜܙYHSXݚYY][Z[XܚYHZYYHH[\\]ܜH[ܙH[ \[Y\[Y[RPK\[Y^ ؘ[[\Y\Z\[[\][ۘ[ [[]\H\X[Y[]Hؘ[\X˂\[X\ M