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Upcoming Events sustainable development policies. In addition, the Summit will serve as a forum for discussions and deliberations that can provide lively and rich-ideas, based on as many stories of successful sustainable development projects. It will bring together leading young entrepreneurs and innovators to offer and provide some solutions and ideas that address economic, social and environment issues and challenges. “While innovation and technology play an important role in creation of green economies, strong leadership will help shape it. We are positive that WGES 2017 will serve as a catalyst for growth and development, powering communities and economies to drive the creation of opportunities which will enable greater social inclusion,” concluded Al Tayer. WGES 2017 will be held in conjunction with the 19th edition of Water, Energy, Technology and Energy Exhibition ‘WETEX 2017’ and the 2nd edition of ‘Dubai Solar Show 2017’, as part of the Green Week activities in Dubai. 56 September 2017 World Automotive Conference Are you prepared for the New Automotive Industry? T he Future is Smart! Growing digitalization and advancements in technology are transforming the automotive industry. Who knows what the market will look like by 2020, and with so many buzz words flying around where do you invest: industry 4.0, robotics, electrification, connectivity, driverless cars, smart mobility services… Who will be able stay in the game? How can automotive companies stay ahead? What are the challenges and opportunities? 50+ global speakers, each an expert in their own field, from 25+ countries, will be coming together in Istanbul next month for the 4th edition of the World Automotive Conference – WAC 2017. Day One will discuss how global trends and technologies are affecting the automotive industry. Expect to hear from Mr John Fleming, Executive VP Manufacturing & Labour (retired), Ford USA and why you should implement industry 4.0 and digitalization to stay ahead of your competition; as well as the winner of the ELA 2017 Project of