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Upcoming Events enough. Only a small share of the key inventions that are aimed at addressing climate change emerge from energy or environmental R&D. As such, R&D in fields such as material sciences and engineering are much more important sources of scientific research for green technologies. Similarly, carbon taxes are not enough to stimulate green innovation. Putting a price on carbon is very important for incremental improvements to clean tech, but does not necessarily lead to breakthrough innovations. Public and private investment in research is also needed to drive long-term green innovation. “Green growth provides means by which economic, environmental and social goals can be simultaneously achieved. While addressing climate change with these alternative and renewable technologies can be expensive, the concept is by no means unrealistic. However, it is essential to remove regulatory barriers that can help spur entrepreneurship and generate new business models that challenge incumbent firms,” added HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer. WGES 2017 will address new technological advancement and innovations, which can increase the share of renewable energies by reducing costs and enhancing efficiency. In addition, FR7V֗@v6fW"V&W b6W762v6vF67W72FR&RbFPfFfR6WF0BWrFV6vW266VW&FrFRG&6FFFRw&VVV6גvR'F6G2vfR'GVGFV"g&fF'2@WV7WFfW2g& 6'&F2FB&PBFRf&Vg&BbF0G&6f&FFWv6fR66PFFVFgf&VBWpWFG2BV660F6'&FPFV6v6fFখFFǒ'W6W70&7F6W2( FV6v6fFগ2RbFR7@'FBVVVG0&WV&VBf"FRW@7FvRbWfWFFPVW&wGW7G'ttU0#rv'&rFvWFW 6V"&fW762@6'&FR7W7F&ƗGVFW'2FF67W72@W֖Rr6W0FF6G&6F&RVff6VFǒFFRw&VVV6ג'FVw&FrfFBFV6wFV 'W6W72FV2( FFV@FW"vRfF0Bv6FVRF'FB&PFRw&VVV6גttU2#rv6&fFR6vBFrFvFFV6w6&RWfW&vVBFR6FWBb V6֖266@Vf&VF6VvW0f6VB'6VG&W2FFFR7V֗Bv6V@ƖvBFFR&FvЧ6gG2FBfRFV6RGVRFFvFG&6f&F2vFFRVVFF`6WFV&W"#pSP