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Retail will work with the region’s leading brands and retailers to help them grow their business through Noon.” executive. Mr Khalid declined to provide any additional details when contacted by The National. Alshaya’s investment is likely to heat up the e-commerce space, which is getting busy, particularly after bought regional e-commerce platform for $580 million, making it the biggest foreign acquisition in a regional start-up. The e-commerce sector has been rapidly growing in the UAE thanks to the country’s affluent and digitally savvy population. Y\\[X]Z\][ۜ[HX܈[XY\XHݙ\B\YX\ۈ\][ۈ]]\[ˈ\žYX\]Yۛ[HX\]]ܛBYY܈[[\YXK[XX\X[H]Z[[]و][\[XX\\Y\HZ\X[\“\[X\X]Z\YH ML[HZB[XZKX\Yۛ[H\[ۈ]Z[\[\Kܘ\[\][[BYۚYX[KX[Y\H\] Y\]YY^H\HX\Y\\YX\ۈ[\[Y\^[YBY[\و[\H\]]YY\[X\ M•\H\HXH\HH\وYKYܛۈ[^[ۙX[[ܝ\\][ۜ]]BY][ۘ[HY[YH]Z[[\K]H]][Hۛ[B[[\H[\XH[[B[X^ۋ[]\\ۈ]\\[H]KXܙ[“XYۚ] [ۛ[H\ ]\[][]KKX[Y\H\\YH[۸&\\BوX[] M\[[\[[\ B\[H\[وHYX\YHXH] L\[[[X] L\[