Link October 2018 Volume 27 Issue 5 - Page 6

link loves “Teenage girls’ body image is huge, and I had all the body image M else, so anytime they said I couldn’t The advertising campaign, This got a blade fitted. In the campaign, do it, I found a way to show them that I could,” she said. In 2016, Janelle decided to ditch her realistic looking prosthesis and Girl Can, is designed to help women Janelle shows how it’s done in a overcome feelings of judgement, Zumba class – proving that this girl intimidation or embarrassment when certainly can! Now nothing holds exercising, with a clear message that Janelle back – her blade only makes it doesn’t matter how you look or how her go faster. Janelle and Neslihan are among Growing up with a vision impairment, Neslihan’s family was 25 women who feature in the concerned that if she played sport she campaign, encouraging others to could get hurt so she was encouraged push past their fears, get moving and to stay on the sidelines. give it a go regardless of their ability or fitness level. Janelle (pictured left) was born This girl can ‘that’. I just wanted to be like everyone elbourne women Janelle Evans and Neslihan Sari are ambassadors for a VicHealth campaign inspiring all women to get active. well you do it. loves issues that everyone else had plus It wasn’t until Neslihan (pictured above) was in her thirties that she started running. Initially, she walked without a fibula in her left leg and, tethered to another person until at the age of six, her right foot was she built up the confidence to start amputated. To fit in with her peers, running. Janelle always wanted the most realistic prosthetic leg. Thanks to Achilles Running Club, Neslihan is now “hooked” and loves As a teenager, Janelle had many the freedom she feels when running. of the traditional body image issues She is now a regular on Melbourne’s that girls face but she also had to iconic Tan track and is proud of what overcome fears about being judged she has achieved. for her prosthetic leg. Share your views and read about all things disability-related at 6 link loves