Link October 2018 Volume 27 Issue 5 - Page 48

Continence and Personal Care Continence products and aids Pads, catheters and other continence products can make a world of difference for people with incontinence. C different sizes,” she said. “Disposable pads are available at most supermarkets and pharmacies. You can get samples direct from manufacturers so people can work out what suits them best before buying. Have a look on the packet for contact details or phone the National Continence Helpline 1800 330 066 for product information." Mrs Cockerell said to allow them to hold varying volumes, continence ontinence Foundation Chief choosing these with you and/or your pads contain super absorbent Executive Officer Rowan client,” she said. polymers. Cockerell said finding the “They can also teach people “A larger pad will usually absorb right products and aids means and carers how to use and maintain more urine. Some large pads are things we often take for granted, like products and keep you updated specifically designed for faecal everyday activities and uninterrupted about what’s new on the market.” incontinence and have built in odour sleep, can be made possible. control. It is important to use a pad Pads and pants that fits snugly, as a pad that is too continence products on the market People come in all shapes and sizes – big, or too small, or does not fit that can assist in staying dry and and so do continence pads and pants, closely to the skin may leak and cause comfortable. These can be purchased according to Mrs Cockerell. skin rashes and abrasions,” she said. She said there are many at pharmacies, supermarkets, online “Pads can be disposable (use once and throw away) or re-usable Protectors for mattresses and chairs (washable). There are also disposable Mrs Cockerell said protectors or pads needs is very important and a pads and dribble pouches designed for beds and chairs, including wheel Continence Nurse Advisor can discuss specifically for men with urinary chairs and car seats, have a waterproof distributors and wholesalers. “Matching products to required 48 leakage, and these are available in continence and personal care