Link October 2018 Volume 27 Issue 5 - Page 43

Continence and Personal Care an anal opening or any sphincter muscles or nerve control in my rectum/anal area,” Greg said. “Coupled with that I have associated major urological issues and that combination means I have had many surgeries as well as intrusive procedures – rectal enemas, bowel washouts etcetera – from the day I was born to as recently as 18 months ago. Greg Ryan with Bert Newton (right) and (opposite page) holding the Senate flag and certificate presented to him while the Senate was in session earlier this year. “Unfortunately, due to my dysfunctional bowel and rectum/ by using the strategy of rubbing dirt anal area, it means I must deal with onto the back of my shorts, so no-one girlfriends I was too petrified to even the uncertainty of what may occur would notice the inevitable soiling think of having a relationship because with my bowels every single day of patch; at high school, I wore my school I had no faith in my bodily functions. my life. I learned to cope with being jumper tightly around my waist, no As an adult, my fear of inhospitable known as the smelly kid at school; on matter the weather, to camouflage the places became soul destroying. A the football field with my best mates stain on my school pants. working environment or a café or a “Worst, when all my friends had continence and personal care 43