Link October 2018 Volume 27 Issue 5 - Page 31

opinion forms part of an expanding suite of anti-discrimination legislation both here and overseas. Talking to someone with disability A general guideline for talking to someone with a certain condition is to ask that person how they wish to be matter of good manners; it has teeth. described. In some cases, words like Governments, education systems, ‘deaf’ have been reclaimed by bodies companies, societies and other bodies and half, we have become a more like the National Association of the often have guidelines for language caring and inclusive society, and one Deaf in the US. The presence of the use for people with disabilities. much more aware of the importance capital letter legitimises the term’s Institutions and governments Fundamental Rights. In little more than a generation of avoiding hurtful language. We don’t use, so long as it is done respectfully. can apply a variety of sanctions to always get the expression right. But In a similar way, various gender groups people who violate this principle in we are getting better at seeing the have reclaimed the word ‘queer’, and a persistent and hurtful way. These effect of what we say and write from the fact they use it licenses others to principles are now common in the the point of view of others. do so too. English-speaking world and countries The requirement for respectful and considerate speech is not just a of the European Union, especially as enshrined in its Charter of This article was originally published by The Conversation. 1800 672 427 Contact us today for an obligation free quote & demo! Freedom Motors Australia introduces the all new latest model KIA Carnival Freedom Van Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Modification. Available as a Family (Wheelchair behind driver and Passenger seats), Passenger (Wheelchair behind the middle row seats), Extra Long (2 Wheelchairs) and Self-Drive Transfer (Disabled person drives the vehicle by transfer) Designs. Sizes are as follows: 1400mm Rear Entry and 1500mm internal Height. opinion 31