Link October 2018 Volume 27 Issue 5 - Page 22

interview “Nearly everyone I speak to is happy to pay that NDIS levy and if they’re not, then I like to remind them that everyone is a heart beat away from potentially being a candidate for the scheme!” from their family and friends how excited they were to be on, how their school friends, work colleagues and people they know heard them, is just something that’s priceless and uplifting.” Peter, who has lived with blindness since he was 12, believes be heard every Saturday afternoon at 5pm. “The shows I do are all interview- based, so for me, it’s talking to job in providing information that people about themselves, their many people take for granted, such and Focal Point; programs for people services, what they have been doing, as reading the newspaper. who are blind or vision impaired, intend doing, and of course trying which go to air on Wednesdays from to get a ‘straight’ answer from a or phone call, sometimes 12 months 7pm (Vision Extra is at 7pm, Focal politician or decision maker can be or more after an interview, with Point is at 7.15pm). lots of fun, sometimes with a little someone wanting details. Something frustration,” he said. has happened in their life and their Peter also presents Vision Extra He said in some ways, radio has “It is incredible getting an email changed a lot over the years, but “When I started I was getting then in other ways, the basics are newsletters on tapes, making phone about it and the contact comes … it’s “pretty similar to how Mr Marconi calls and just talking to people face incredible how often this happens, invented it”. to face. Now it’s a lot of emailing and it’s a very powerful affirmation and websites, but still phone calls for what we do,” he said. and talking to people … in fact the The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been a topic of people is one of the real fun parts of many interviews for Peter during the this radio gig.” past seven years. “It seems some people think it’s his broadcasting career so far the best thing ever to happen, and would have to be the Sydney 2000 others seem to struggle to get what Paralympics, which he covered for the they want – it can be a bit of a lucky RPH Australia network from Sydney, or unlucky dip,” he said. filing three reports a day for 12 days. “It was amazing, unforgettable … “I think long term it will be a very good thing, although there are some of the moments still give me issues for those over 65 that have goose bumps and move me to tears,” a disability. I also think that the he said. Medicare levy could have continued “When I had talked with athletes, and then when any of them did well, it was a real buzz. “On the other hand, it’s also interview memory bank triggers they heard networking and connecting with Peter said the highlight of 22 Vision Australia Radio does a valuable for the NDIS and given the scheme a real ‘bank’ to work with. “Nearly everyone I speak to is happy to pay that NDIS levy and if humbling and a privilege to speak they’re not, then I like to remind them to people who may have their only that everyone is a heart beat away opportunity to speak on radio on from potentially being a candidate for a show like Leisure Link. Hearing the scheme!”