Link October 2018 Volume 27 Issue 5 - Page 17

ndis and connect with service providers in your area that are the best fit for your situation . To find out if you ' re eligible for Support Coordination , we recommend asking about it in your next planning meeting ,” Dianne said . “ If the NDIS doesn ’ t give you funding for Support Coordination , there are still some avenues you can go down to get assistance . Try asking your Local Area Coordinator for a list of service providers in your area .
“ Better yet , if you have Plan Management , your Plan Manager might be able to help you . At Plan Partners , we can provide a list of regional providers to our customers – wherever they live .”
Using unregistered providers Dianne said there is a large network of passionate and skilled service providers out there who don ’ t have the time or money to register with the NDIS .
“ Unfortunately , if your funding is managed by the NDIS , you ’ re unable to access those providers ,” she said . “ However , Plan Management unlocks these unregistered providers , letting you use your NDIS funds to access the full range of help that ’ s out there .”
Utilising directories Dianne said on the NDIS Portal you can find lists of service providers , but it can be easy to lose your way in
the thousands of providers displayed . “ To help you sort through the sea of providers , directories such as Clickability and MyCareSpace provide overviews of each , including ratings and customer reviews ,” she said .
Organise your own team
“ Some people like to organise their own team of supports and hire carers themselves , instead of through a service provider . Websites such as Hire Up , Better Caring and Five Good Friends can help you facilitate this .
Most importantly , don ’ t be afraid to ask for advice on how to find the right supports .” www . planpartners . com . au
- 6 December 2018 Mercure Sydney
Surviving transition , embracing change and shaping your future under the NDIS
To succeed and thrive under the NDIS requires a fundamental rethink in the way your organisation does business - The Delivering Disability Care conference will be your toolkit for success . With thought-leading presentations , innovative ideas and extensive opportunities for networking , this conference proactively tackles the challenges faced by NDIS service providers and explores the practical solutions for ensuring your success .
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ndis and connect with service providers Using unregistered providers the thousands of providers displayed. in your area that are the best fit for Dianne said there is a large “To help you sort through the your situation. To find out if you're network of passionate and skilled sea of providers, directories such as eligible for Support Coordination, we service providers out there who don’t Clickability and MyCareSpace provide recommend asking about it in your have the time or money to register overviews of each, including ratings next planning meeting,” Dianne said. with the NDIS. and customer reviews,” she said. “If the NDIS doesn’t give you “Unfortunately, if your funding is funding for Support Coordination, m vVB'FRD2^( &RV&R&v6RW"vFVЧFW&R&R7F6RfVVW2RF66W72F6R&fFW'2( 6R6B( 6RVRƖRF&v6P6vFvFvWB767F6R( ĆvWfW"vVV@FV"vFVb7W'G2@G'6rW"6&VV62FW6RV&Vv7FW&VB&fFW'2&R6&W'2FV6VfW27FVB`6&FF"f"Ɨ7Bb6W'f6RWGFrRW6RW"D2gVG2FF&Vv6W'f6R&fFW"vV'6FW0&fFW'2W"&V66W72FRgV&vRbVFN( 27V62&RW&WGFW"6&r@WBFW&R( ffRvBg&VG26VP( &WGFW"WBbRfRvVVBW"vW f6ƗFFRF2֖vB&R&RFVRBWFƗ6rF&V7F&W0'FW'2vR6&fFRƗ7BbFR6BFRD2'F&Vv&fFW'2FW"7W7FW'2( 0vPvW&WfW"depFWƗfR( Ц6W'B&W"F`R6fBƗ7G2b6W'f6R&fFW'2'WB#B6 F6RW"v&PV77B'FFǒF( B&Rg&@F6f"Gf6RrFfBFP&vB7W'G2( Чwwr'FW'26P0ХBbFV6V&W"#W&7W&R7FW4ФՐ57W'ffrG&6FV'&6r6vR@6rW"gWGW&RVFW"FRD04ՐF7V66VVBBF&fRVFW"FRD2&WV&W2gVFVF&WFFRvW"&v6FFW2'W6W72FRFVƗfW&rF6&ƗG6&R6fW&V6Rv&RW"FƶBf"7V66W72vFFVvBVFr&W6VFF2fFfRFV2BWFV6fR'GVFW2f"WGv&rF06fW&V6R&7FfVǒF6W2FR6VvW2f6VB'D26W'f6R&fFW'2BW&W2FP&7F66WF2f"V7W&rW"7V66W72&Vv7FW"rBFR6R&VfW&V6Rd6FS䰢c"#CrcƖƖR6RF0