Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 9

news Dr Vermeulen said a key to autism will already – based on all kinds of people attended the Autism SA friendliness was to try to understand contextual cues – have figured out conference and were delighted to autistic behaviour from within. that there is no time for dessert. hear from Dr Vermeulen. “We need empathy, to try to “The m oment context is clarified “One of the key messages is it understand the different meaning for people with autism, they become is not about making individuals less they give to what they perceive, the as flexible, communicative and socially autistic. Taking the perspective of lack of contextual sensitivity as to the competent as people without autism.” the individuals on the spectrum ‘why’ of their behaviour,” he said. “We need to push the context button to help them find the ‘right’ Dr Vermeulen also spoke at the conference series on autism and interventions and the ideal methods happiness. to achieve them gives us a new meaning. “Want to make people with autism “So, if you know there won’t be when deciding on the goals of happy? Be autism friendly: give clarity perspective,” she said. “If we really want to understand the enough time for dessert at lunch and predictability first, all the rest behaviour and reactions of people with time, you can point out that ‘we are comes later,” he said. autism, we need to understand their in a hurry’ and that there will be no He said physical activity helped dessert, but that there might be a to lower cortisol levels and anxiety in the world: the ‘autistic thinking’. This is little sweet bite later. This will help a people with autism. autism friendly. We can focus on what child with autism to become as flexible as another child without autism who Autism SA Chief Executive Officer Jenny Karavolos said almost 300 SMART LIVING with RM PRO The no-fuss, affordable home automation system you can control right from your smartphone!   way of perceiving and understanding we have in common – neuroharmony.”    Control all of these appliances and more from anywhere in the world with the RM Pro*:    Air-Conditioning / Ceiling Fan Lighting Fixtures Power Outlets (GPO) RM Pro Television & Audio System *RM Pro compatible smart switch and GPO required. Innov.Net QUALITY & INNOVATIVE SMART LIVING TECHNOLOGY Visit to learn more! news 9