Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 59

contributions would like a few private lessons, as others. The teacher was asking if some people find it better to learn I could see his fingers instead of in a group environment and some explaining which position and strings find it easier to learn in a private his fingers were on. I felt this was a environment at their own pace and in waste of time. their own time. Not everyone can read chord On one occasion, I wanted to study a unit which was also part charts, so in this situation I would of a course on sound editing, and write out the chord charts in text instead of allowing me to do that instead of image, for example when unit and try other methods, the teaching a finger position, I would teacher automatically assumed that write C-major: put your third finger the screen reader would not work on the third fret of the A string. I have with sound editing software, without "For me to get to where I am today, I had to face society’s misconceptions head on." Ukulele teacher Phillip Chalker. found this method to work quite well even attempting it. As a result, I was with people who are visually impaired unable to complete some units in this because if they have adaptive course. A few years later I contacted technology such as a screen reader, it another campus to complete these will read the text to them, as opposed units after researching some software to chord charts that cannot be read which would allow me to complete by screen readers. them at home. The software I found Unfortunately, there are a lot of was GarageBand for the Apple Mac. recording people’s voices and names music books that are not accessible It worked well as it has a built-in when performing an exercise around for screen readers. screen reader, but the funniest the room, or I have people say their names when asking a question. If you are a guitar or ukulele thing was that the computer I was teacher and you want to teach people supposed to be taught on was also What do I do if there is a chords and lyrics, the best book I a Mac, which shows that the teacher participant in my workshop who have come across so far is named did not have enough awareness of is having more difficulties and is 250+ Ukulele Songbooks. the software available to him. not keeping up? The strategies I When I was studying TAFE’s For me to get to where I am would use for this include asking the Certificate III in Music in 2010, a today, I had to face society’s students to encourage each other teacher was showing me how to misconceptions VBvPBFVV6FW"WBbB2FwVF"6&G2'WBg&FRvFrF2FVvBbf&W0ƖR6VRVVG2BF22Rv26vrRRW7BfRWFG2FBv&VB&W7Bf"Pw&VBvf"VRFFW&7BFVvBFB6VB6VR2fvW'22f6֖&VBVVVRFV6W"BV&'frFBW'66B"FB6VB&V6v6RFRFW2RWfW"7FV&rWr62&W6FR6V&Gv2V&rRv2rFR6&G2BvVFW"F2F6BvFWfW'R27V6V"f"W62FVgFW'v&G2B6FVbFW'WBFW&R7F6&RbFV6pƖƖR6RƗ6ƶW"2VVVRFV6W g&G&&vf7F&wwrG&&VW626Ц6G&'WF0S