Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 51

How Good is your Non Profit at Adapting to an Ever Changing Environment ? With so many changes taking place in the Disability sector, it is critical for leaders within Non Profits to learn how to both adapt and flourish in these current times. The rules around market engagement have completely altered, and the ability to adapt and embrace these changes will separate the wheat from the chaff very quickly. We are offering you a Lifeline via our Change Management Masterclass Your Non Profit can access ground breaking research into change management in Australia, facilitated by specialist NFP consultant, Dr. David Rosenbaum (Optimum NFP Managing Director). David’s masterclass is based around his academic research, coupled with his extensive consulting activities in the NFP sector. Organisational survival will be dependent on the ability to change, delivery models, and business structures. The inability to change will attract high costs at a time when your organisation can least afford it. Master your Change Management Process - Register Your Interest Now The full-day Masterclass limits numbers to 16 participants and is structured to achieve the following objectives: Ensure a practical understanding of the triggers of organisational change and how these triggers can be harnessed to improve organisational change success. Understanding recognised approaches to planned organisational change and deal with the practical implementation challenges to improve successful outcomes. Recognising the findings of the research and how these should be embedded in your nonprofits change management program. Register Early to Secure Your Position When: Wednesday 12 th September 2018 | Where: Sydney (Venue TBC) How: Visit Emai âG&6V&VFVg6RSCsCB