Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 43

feature Terry goes the distance Western Australian woman “Following her initial assessment, Terry has undergone eight Terry was supported to drive with a rehabilitation training and “Terry underwent further review years of assessments, driver left foot accelerator,” Chris said. vehicle modifications to in 2011 and was supported to drive maintain her independence and mobility on the road. T a modified automatic transmission vehicle fitted with a left foot accelerator pedal and left-hand spinner knob with remote indication.” erry was diagnosed with Chris said a year later, another Terry on her trike. relapsing-remitting multiple review was requested as Terry grew sclerosis in 2006. In 2010, at increasingly dependent on the use a further Department of Transport the age of 56, she undertook her first of an electric wheelchair and she Practical Driving Assessment for her Occupational Therapy (OT) Driving stopped driving for some time. conditional motor bike licence. Assessment with the Occupational Therapy Services Group (OTSG). In 2014, Terry requested a Terry underwent reviews in 2015 further review of driving capacity and 2016 and today, she continues OTSG Certified Driver OT Chris which resulted in the purchase of an to drive her trike and participates in Pearce said although Terry’s husband automatic Bolwell trike, a wheelchair outings with the South West Motor drove, she wanted to maintain her accessible three-wheel motorbike. Bike Group. independence. Terry then completed lessons and Do ordinary insurers cover all your conversions? We do! If your car has been fitted with disability conversions, you’ll want to be sure that your insurance covers all your equipment for it’s true value. Designed specifically for con fW'FVB6'2W Ɩ7ffW'2FRFbWrf"B&W6VV@f"W"6fW'622vV2F66VFV@&V֗V5BF&VB&VVfG2FBfR&VVFWfVVBvFR֖BF66VG2f"FR&VR&FvR7W&6R6&VV6fRF"fV6R7W&6Rv&RƖV@FFR&6RfV6R&FW27V&V7BFFR7W7FW"FrW&VBF6&ƗG&rW&֗@B"FRfV6R2&VV6fW'FVBf"W6R'G&fW""76VvW'2FBfRF6&ƗGFPF66VG2FBǒFFR&VR&FvR&G6FR767F6RF&VVfBVFW'w&Fp7&FW&v&RƖVBFFR66FW&FbFR&6FFFW6W76W2vǒFG&fW'0VFW"#R"F6RG&fW'2vfRVBgVW7G&ƖG&fW'2Ɩ6V6Rf"W72F"V'2F0ffW"&RvFG&vBFR66FW"FRE2Bwwr&VT&FvT7W&6R6RFFV6FRbFR&GV7B2&vBf"R&VR&FvR7W&6RW7G&ƖGFB$c#SBscP"#Sscr2WF&6VB&W&W6VFFfRbFR&B7W&6R6GFB$sSBCs2e2Ɩ6V6R#CC3b633B""f6Bwwr&VT&FvT7W&6R6PƖƖR6R6"6fW'6BWVV@C0