Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 40

feature Three generations are involved in the Norden business. from the vehicle, proximity to their carer where necessary, and access to supporting equipment such as oxygen bottles where required. “The needs of the carer are also pivotal. The carer must have the BODY of ability to assist the wheelchair user to access the vehicle safely and with WORK Norden Body Works is a family owned and operated company which was founded in 1959 by Ronald Anson, engineering custom motor vehicle bodies and supplying hydraulic fittings. F is key in a successful design of the modification. “In addition, how many other people will travel in the vehicle will have an impact on the vehicle recommendation and design. “Storage space needs to be considered, whether it be for medical equipment or the daily shopping. ifty-nine years later, and three having completed thousands of Having the right storage in the right generations of the Anson modifications, and is a registered place is necessary for the modified family are now involved in the NDIS supplier. vehicle to meet the owner’s needs.” Dandenong-based company. Norden sales and marketing In addition to vehicle conversions, Mark said design also needed to Norden also offers wheelchair take budget into consideration while manager Mark Jasper said much of lifts, wheelchair restraints, a range focussing on individual requirements. the company’s success over the past of vehicle access solutions, taxi six decades has been based on its wheelchair conversions, and service needs, it is time to select the ability to ѕɕѼ́ɽ́ͽѠѕɸɅɥЁٕݽɬݥѡѡ)ѽϊd̸+q1ѕѼѽϊd)ѕѥѽϊd́́ݡЁ)5ɬͅѡЁѡՍ́)ѥ́͡ձՑѡ)Ѽѕȁȁ٥Յ̸+q=ݔչхѡ͔)ɕɥѥ́ѡٕ́مt)ͅ+qQɕѥ)́Ѽѡٕٕͥ́ȃqЁɕаȁ́ѡɥЁͥѥ)ݡȁٕ́Ȁ啅́Ёѡݡȁ͕ȁѡЁݡՍѕЁݥٕ)ܳt5ɬͅѡȁͅ䁅гt5ɬͅѡЁͥɕձЁȁѡ͕)Q9ɑ ٕͥ٥ͥ()ɕѥ͔ٔȁѠѡ+q]ݽɬɐѼѥ͔ѡ)ѡЁ́ݥѠѡхє)ѡ䁥́܁ͥѥѡٕхѼѥͅхɑ̸)ȁٕٕ̰ͥͥɅѥѡ́٥ܹͥɑ)ȁٕͥե$)