Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 30

arts By Arts Writer Anthea Skinner Have you ever wondered how people balance a career in the arts while still putting food on the table? Fresh from her one-woman show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, performer Emma J Hawkins talks to Link about her successful career in the arts and how she is now branching out to provide bookkeeping services for fellow artists. FROM UNICORN to BOOKKEEPER E mma’s solo show, I am Not a Unicorn, appeared at the Malthouse Theatre as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. “The title comes from the fact that people often look at me like a unicorn walking down the street,” said Emma. “This is a satirical look at my life at 103cm tall, a short statured person who likes to defy stereotypes. “The show looks at labels; what is it to be normal and abnormal? Do any of us really want to be any of those things? I like to use my theatrical pieces to show a different perspective on the world, a bit like going down the rabbit hole with Alice.” In I am Not a Unicorn, Emma portrays a series of characters who all defy expectations in some way, including a fairytale character who swears, gets drunk and wields a large