Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 28

issues Francois & Kevin: a modern love story Two Melbourne men share the story of their recent marriage and normalising diversity with Link Issues Writer Carole Lander. F rancois Jacobs and Kevin cross dog guide Kane brought his Murfitt (pictured below) ring for Francois in a pouch around married in Cape Town, South his neck. Kane is an older dog, close Africa, in March. Guests from to retirement, so this trip was a treat Australia, the United Kingdom for him. There wasn’t a dry eye in and South Africa gathered at the the house! Silvermist Mountain Lodge and Kevin and Francois are both Wine Estate, situated in the forested Australian residents but Francois’s slopes of Table Mountain overlooking family is South African. The men had vineyards and the Cape flats. assumed, like many others, that it When they exchanged rings, Kevin’s black Labrador Retriever- might be a long time before Australia would recognise same-sex marriage and arranged for their ceremony to take place in South Africa where it has been legal since 2005. They both feel strongly that marriage is not just a privilege for the heterosexual community and they wanted to make that point. They are pleased Australia will now recognise their union as a result of the postal vote conducted late last year. Francois was worried about how the more conservative members of his family would take the marriage. But to his delight, he was able to report: “We can make assumptions about how inflexible people might be. But when you put it to them, you understand how resilient they are. We shouldn’t make these assumptions.” The men said a highlight of the day was their wedding dance. Francois has danced competitively before, but 28 issues