Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 22

interview transfer onto a stool, while I carried “We were so frustrated after “Variation in human ability is the wheelchair up a set of stairs. our trip to Europe over things that There wasn’t an accessible bathroom shouldn’t have been hard that we either. started to wonder if people had similar 2010 and now have two children, “We then asked the travel agent ordinary not special.” Scott and Clair were married in experiences in Australia. We were Oliver, 6, and Maddie, 3. The family to check the rest of the bookings and horrified to think that not everyone travels together as a group – and are we were moved to hotels far out of might be having a good time or often accompanied by friends. town which made it more difficult to travelling the way they would like and explore the cities.” we decided to do something about it.” Scott and Clair ended up heading Together they established “If it’s not accessible for me, then the whole group isn’t coming,” Scott said. home to Adelaide early because the an inclusive tourism consultancy trip got too stressful. Push Adventures to enhance travel were joined at Push Adventures experiences for people with varying by Linda Anderson, and their new physical abilities. business partner helped them launch “We were naïve in the planning process, as we were young and confident and ambitious like any “Just because you have reduced In January 2018, Scott and Clair a website for travellers of varying backpacking 20-somethings should mobility does not mean you have to abilities called The Good Scout be!” Clair said. sit on the sidelines,” Clair said. Travel Co. The Good Scout aims to be Australia’s largest and most trusted Above: Scott and Clair Crowley with children Oliver and Maddie, and Linda and Nathan Anderson and their children Emily and Harvey. Left: Scott formed The Good Scout with wife Clair and their business partner Linda Anderson. 22 interview online accessible travel directory helping users plan their next adventure from start to finish with confidence and ease. It has focussed initially on South Australia, with information gathered largely from the Crowley family’s own travel experiences close to home, but they are expanding nationally and seeking input from other wheelchair travellers.