Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 20

interview GO YOUR OWN WAY When Scott Crowley became a wheelchair user after a snowboarding accident in Canada in 2002, the keen adventurer vowed nothing would stop him from travelling. Now Scott — a Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games athlete — and his wife Clair are providing travellers of varying abilities with information, confidence and inspiration to travel their own way. S cott was 21-years-old and on a working holiday in Canada with a group of friends when his accident happened. “Originally, dealing with the accident was quite hard. I went from a very active lifestyle, to looking to fill my days with something,” he said. “I found the best way to deal with what had happened was to keep busy, whether it be family, friends or university. “I had travelled extensively before my accident, and when I hurt myself I was two-thirds of the way through a Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management degree, so the travel was always there. Also, the friends I had made in rehab were sporting people who did plenty of travel so I learned early on that it could be done.” In 2008, Scott and his then girlfriend Clair travelled to Europe together, but encountered numerous physical and attitudinal barriers on the two-month journey. “Train travel was a nightmare – we purchased the Eurorail but could not make use of it, as accessible seating was in first class or none at all, and we needed a long lead time to get ramps moved to assist us on and off the train,” Clair said +q=ȁɅٕЁ)ͥѥѡ)݅ͻeЁՅ䁅ͥQ)ѕݔх啐ѕѼѕ)ѡѥ䁱ЁѡЁ݅́ѽ͵)ȁݡȰͼMЁѼ()ѕ٥$)