Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 14

ndis SADDLING UP for life after school Lachlan McMahon has been attending campdrafts and community activities with the support of Challenge Community Services in Quirindi, New South Wales. L ike many of his peers, Lachlan pursue his interests independently activities such as going to the gym or is keen to finish high school but by accompanying him on horse rides, fishing with mates. isn’t really sure what he wants to to campdraft events, and on walks – do next. However he does know what he enjoys doing. Lachlan has been “They come with me to campdrafts, riding horses since he was 12 years and I go horse riding two days a old and feels happiest in the saddle. week,” Lachlan said. By focussing on his interests, “At the campdrafts, we watch “I mainly use the rowing machine, the running machine, all the usuals,” Lachlan said. “We also do a bit of walking together outside of the gym.” Lachlan’s mother Sharne said she hoped Lachlan would receive Challenge has helped Lachlan the competition and ride my horse additional NDIS funding to continue discover future opportunities while around.” Campdrafting is an and increase his participation [][[\ܜ[X[\[]\[X[\]Y\X[ܝ[[ۛ^[ۜX]]Y\[\ܝ [][X][ۈ[ˈHܜH[Y\ܚ[]K\[\TY] X[X[X[HX\Y\\B'[[H\Y[܂X[H۸&][x&Y[[HZ\\[H[[H\X[]H[\[ۈ[H MX[H]\[ۈ\X\ܘ[Hۛ^[ۜوH[ܙXXX\Z[YY]X]H[[ܜHܝ[]\\[K[H[[]\ܜH[[œ[H\]Z\HH[[[][[[\YX[\ZH\[\X]]Y\˂XY]HZ\[ˈۛ^[ۜY[ٙ\YHYHY[\ۈ[\[KX\Y \Y\HXH\\X\]H[X]]Y\][Z\[[][]Kۛ^[ۜ\\\YX[]\ܝܚ\\H\›ݙHوܜ\ˈ^H[X[ŒM]]\Z\\[K\BB'^H\ܝܚ\]B[]\H[K8'H\HZY 'HY[\ZH]X]\HB'Z[\[ۛ^[ۜ[[\Y[X[]][[][X]H]Y\[[XYYHH\Hو[H[Kx&\ܛۈ\[H][[HX[YY\܋8'HHZY ۛ^[ۜ[]\[YX[[\\H\ܝو[\ݙH\[][X][ۈ[˸'Bۛ^[ۜ\X\]H[ܛ\˘[[X[][]Kܙ˘]B[ۛ[KK]