Link June 2018 Volume 27 Issue 3 - Page 11

news Thom and Angelmouse, Get Up and Boogie. Thom and Angelmouse are supported by Studio A, which is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW. ARTfinder arrives in NSW A on programs and events with engagement with the portal is accessible features such as tactile that it works both ways. As well tours, Auslan interpreters, audio- as increasing the awareness of described performances, captioned accessible options to people with contribution of $40,000 to boost the workshops, relaxed performances, disability, by using the portal as a Australian Government’s $125,000 qualified disability support staff, as benchmark of their inclusion and contribution to support the national well as disability awareness trained accessibility, organisations can build rollout of Arts Access Victoria’s staff and volunteers among other their capacity and open themselves ARTfinder portal. options,” Create NSW Chief Executive up to wider audiences, promoting the Officer Michael Brealey said. value of arts and culture to increase RTfinder – an online arts and cultural portal for people with disability – is coming to New South Wales. Create NSW has made a Through combined Federal, State and Territory funding of $250,000, as “ARTfinder will show information The NSW partner for the rollout “The fantastic thing about diversity and inclusion,” he said. a world-first, ARTfinder National will of ARTfinder is Accessible Arts. eventually map disability-inclusive Through the rollout, the company will Sharman Pretty said Accessible Arts arts programs and experiences in contribute to the development of the is excited to be partnering with Arts regional and metropolitan Australia, project and provide specialist advice Access Victoria on delivering the searchable by accessibility, location, to participating NSW arts, screen and proje 7BF5r67BB'Ff&7VGW&&v6F2B'F7G2vF7&72FR6VG''F6G0FRFF6&ƗG7W&6PF6&ƗG7&72FR7FFR"'&VW6B%FfFW"266W76&R'G26"&fW76 ( F&R&RFvFRvV'6FPBfB&vRb7VF&R7FfFW0v&Vǒf7FW"gW'FW"VvvVV@66VRD2v&R&RFfB'G2'FB7FWf'v&B&VfrB'F6F'G2B7VGW&P7FfFW2F66W72BBvV&'&W'2F'F6Ff"VRf"VRvFF6&ƗG( R6BD26&V6&FF'2F6VRvFF6&ƗG7&72FR7V7G'VbFR&vRb'G27FfFW2ffW"'G2B7VGW&7FfFW25rࠖƖƖR6Rwwr'G666W726R'FfFW Ww0