Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 59

books In addition, children with disabilities need to be taught protective behaviours; their books families must know what to look the ten demandments out for; and staff in residential According to the author of The Ten Demandments care centres need training in how to identify signs of emotional and behavioural change that signal that Martin Wren, as many as half the people in receipt of the Disability Support Pension are willing and able to work, but most members of society don’t children are at risk of sexual abuse. believe they’re up to it. Llewellyn also points to the As CEO of one of Australia’s most effective disability common misconception that employment service providers, Nova, Wren argues specialists are the only people that successive governments are missing a vital economic opportunity. who can deal with disability. She He says that with effective training and support, over 350,000 people urges non-specialist teachers to would simultaneously stop drawing benefits and start paying tax. Wren see beyond any impairment and also argues that employment is a vital pathway to achieving an inclusive teach ‘the child’. Historically, we community and that society is better off when people with significant have relied on specialised medical barriers are supported to become more independent. people and now we have allied health professionals looking out for In The Ten Demandments Wren explains how disability employment people with disability. Her fear is services can do better by jobseekers; demonstrates the standard that, particularly under the NDIS, people with disability should expect when seeking an employment they will start to be seen as the service; and demands we improve our intentions to achieve the best ones with the knowledge whereas results for each job seeker. there are simple things that everyone in the community can do for children with disabilities to keep the adventures of hydro girl: city of madness them safe: “Watch them, notice The Adventures of Hydro Girl comic aims to them, don’t turn away from them.” combat stigma, disrupt shame, raise awareness, increase empowerment, and advance social Commissioner Coates outlined ten elements that would make change for people with Hydrocephalus – referred to as water on the brain. an institution safe for a child. They cover leadership, culture, Singer, songwriter and co-writer/artist, Sarah communication, equity, staff, training Renehan was born with Hydrocephalus. In 2011, and families. The takeaway message after spending a lengthy time in hospital, and enduring another four from the symposium was loud and brain surgeries, Sarah founded The Brain Drain Project, a website that clear: much improvement is needed provides support and raises funds for those living with the condition. to make things better for children This experience encouraged Sarah, in collaboration with her brother in institutional settings and there is John, to introduce the ݽɱѼ!ɼɰQ͕ɥ́ɕ́M)ɽͥѡЁѡ́ɽ兰չɰݥѠ!ɽ̰ݡٕ́ȁݕ̸%ӊe)ͥЁѼMȁѕѼЁѡ٥́55Ʌɔ)ɽ́ Ք1 )ȁɔɵѥ٥ͥ)ͅɅɕݥͥєɽɱѽɔ)͕ɽ共ͥ)ع))(