Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 54

music hand me the beer nuts Beer Nuts Productions is a Gold Coast-based film production company. Founded in 2006, it produces cutting-edge cinema, television, downloads and e-books on a wide range of topics. The company’s director, gough, was the first legally blind person to write, produce, direct, edit and star in a feature-length film. He spoke to Anthea Skinner about his work. Beer Nuts Productions’ first feature film was I Will Not Go Quietly, an exploration of gough’s life. (gough prefers to write his name with a lower case g.) It explores these issues through discusses the themes of disability, interviews with gough’s friends and mental health, drug and alcohol family as well as experts in their abuse and suicide. “I found in fields, including drug and alcohol my research that a lot of people counsellors, a neurosurgeon, who have a disability can go on educators and even comedians. to battle depression and other types of mental illness,” explains The son of Australian comedian gough, “mainly due to the fact Ugly Dave Gray, the filmmaker was they have found themselves first given the nickname gough the victim of discrimination, as a teenage fan of the band The which is unacceptable and Whitlams. When he formed Beer needs to change. The film was Nuts Productions he decided to predominately made for those make the name change official. without a disability in order to Gough’s vision impairment means educate them and dispel some that he must work closely with his of the negative stereotypes that cast and crew to achieve the results can go along with all disabilities, he wants as a director. “Obviously not just vision impairment.” The being legally blind does mean I feature-length documentary have to have a crew around me who I can trust,” he says, “So if I want a certain shot, I know that my cinematographer will do this and not just go off on his own tangent. I do have very limited vision, so in the editing booth I can make sure the shots are what I’m after, but by then it is too late to change anything as the vision has already been shot and we don’t have the budget to reshoot.” This level of trust also extends to his actors, “I can’t see facial expressions. So I need to trust that they are giving me the looks I am after. This comes down to me being able to 52 music