Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 52

travel a bad case of wanderlust A compulsive need to travel the globe, experience new things and seek adventures in faraway lands developed ‘ankle equinus’ (an countries and completed extensive ankle ailment) so now walk with a treks including Everest Base Camp considerable limp. (Nepal), Lares Trek (Peru) and saw Albury-based writer Craig Sheather catch a serious case of the travel bug. the self-sufficient Overland Track Before, the surgery I was a normal (Tasmania). kid and teenager who played a fair bit of representative Aussie I lived in the UK for two years, The travel bug infected me a long Rules football, soccer, cricket and backpacked around parts of time ago. However, it wasn’t until basketball. I absolutely loved sport. Europe, Asia and South America I encountered some health issues However, the muscle weakness and spent three months travelling in my late teens that the bug really affected my running so I was no through Africa on an overland started to take hold. longer able to continue any intense safari truck. Some favourite or competitive sport. wilderness areas include the Amazon, Yosemite National Park, Born with a tethered spinal chord, at the age of 18 I underwent Walking became part of my recovery the Himalayas and the Serengeti. major back surgery to address and daily exercise routine. Over I ran with the bulls in Spain, drank the condition. Along the way I time I built up enough strength to copious amounts of beer at the suffered muscle wastage in my go on longer hikes and before I German Beer-Fest and partied all right leg, nerve damage, ongoing knew it I was hooked. My focus and night long in Las Vegas (and then back pain and bladder damage. passion had changed from sport fell asleep on the helicopter ride At 25 I endured further surgery to travel. And my enthusiasm for over The Grand Canyon). to reconstruct my bladder with a trekking skyrocketed. Over the past piece of my bowel. I have since 20 years I’ve travelled to over 50 Along the way, גfRb7'@2BfFVB( fRvF6VB7&6W@B666W"FRT&6V&&6WF&B6R6WFPU4BGFVFVB'6R&6rआrrB&vVFশRFF66w&VWFw2g&DTĕdR%SG&fVƖƖR6