Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 50

travel inflight entertainment just got better Virgin Australia is making their inflight entertainment system more accessible to those with vision impairment. The system uses an easier layout, larger icons, and voice prompts to make operating possible for vision impaired passengers. The inflight entertainment system is also available on passengers’ devices using screen reading technology. The new system has been developed “I started an online petition back “This new technology also allows by CoKinetic, a globally recognised in 2013 about the need for these vision impaired guests to access company developing inflight systems to be accessible for important flight information such entertainment software and services. people with vision impairment. as the time and distance to their The petition had about 10,000 destination.” It is now available on Virgin’s fleet signatures, and lots of comments of Boeing 777-300ER aircrafts, which from people who agreed that these Though proud of what his advocacy most often travel between Australia systems should be better.” has achieved, Phillip told Link that and Los Angeles, and will be fitted he can see even more opportunity to the Airbus A330 fleet this year, Phillip worked with Virgin Australia which generally travel between on trialling their new system before Australia’s East Coast and Perth. it was implemented. Disability advocate Phillip Chalker Virgin Australia’s general manager how to get more content on the is a big part of why Virgin’s inflight of inflight experience, Tash Tobias, entertainment system that is audio entertainment system is changing. said that consulting with Phillip, in described. I would encourage His advocacy in this area began addition to Vision Australia, had anyone with a vision impairment after he was stuck on a 21-hour helped the company understand to give feedback on the system so flight to America. the needs of people with vision that it can be made even better impairment. moving forward.” flight, I had to ask my wife or a “We are determined to ensure travel He also hopes that other airlines flight attendant to help me change with Virgin Australia is enjoyable now look at making similar changes the music I was listening to, or for all of our guests and we are to their inflight entertainment the movie, and I just thought it delighted to introduce this new user systems. was unfair to have to keep asking interface for guests who are blind or them,” Phillip said. have low vision,” Tash said. for change. “I’m hoping that into the future we can have conversations about “I ended up really bored on this 48 travel