Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 43

cerebral palsy people living with disabilities, and conditions such as depression. employers are required by law to If you notice any symptoms of provide equal opportunities and mental illness, such as not sleeping, independence to all individuals, eating or suicidal thoughts), it’s but it is important to remember able-bodied or not. Your employer important to seek help. Mental to remain positive and to know is required to provide ‘reasonable health conditions are, unfortunately, that there is a support system accommodations’, and so if you sometimes overlooked. Ensure a full you can rely on – and that a lot of don’t feel like these accommodation evaluation by a medical professional, your symptoms can be managed requirements are being met, it’s who is an expert in the condition, through a combination of therapy, important you speak with your and undertake the necessary therapy surgery and medications. Human Resources Department. or prescribed medications. Mental health conditions – cerebral Living with Cerebral Palsy as an She lives on the sunny palsy can add to the stress of adult can definitely present some South Coast of NSW and enjoys everyday living. Adults living with challenges, however, the good sipping a good strong coffee cerebral palsy can sometimes be news is that, these simple and whilst creating articles that provide socially reserved and have a fear of easy tips can help to alleviate the information and inspiration to being bullied. Due to this, people stress of this condition. It’s often a readers to help them in their may be dealing with mental health stressful and exhausting process, everyday lives. EASY ACCESS FOR THOSE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS The iSwing door greatly improves access for the elderly or disabled, and people who live with assisted living. The Autoslide door system is very versatile and can be fitted to most home doors, conve ѥѡѼ)ͥѽѥȸ))1ե͔Aɽѕȁ́ɥѕȁȁ̸)]эѡ)Y%<ѡ)ѽͱ==H)ѕ%8 Q%=8)ȁݕͥє(UQ=M1%)ܹѽͱ)ɕɅ(