Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 42

cerebral palsy managing cerebral palsy as you age Most information about cerebral you age, and so it often becomes significant amount of effort, using a case of trial and error. Thankfully, up to five times more energy than the aim of this article is to provide the average person. If you notice you with some helpful information an increased level of pain, muscle in relation to cerebral palsy as you stiffness or problems with your age and how to effectively manage dental health, it is important to seek typically develops within the first your symptoms. the advice and treatment of your appears to be a misconception that Premature Ageing – due to recent with options on how to effectively advancements in the medical world, manage and prevent further injury. people with cerebral palsy can now Your specialist will usually manage be expected to have a similar life- your symptoms through forms span of those without the condition. of therapy, and perhaps surgery, Whilst this is an extremely depending on the severity. palsy is in relation to children, probably due to the fact that cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that impair the brain and the central nervous system that two years of age. Likewise, there cerebral palsy dramatically impacts life-span, however, the condition isn’t a degenerative disorder and there are many people with cerebral palsy that live a relatively long life. Louise Proctor gives advice on how people with cerebral palsy can encouraging development, there remains questions as to how best Challenges in the workplace – to manage ageing prematurely and people living with cerebral palsy living with a disability. Premature may experience issues in the For adults living with cerebral palsy, ageing arises in people with the workplace, for the same reasons it is often difficult to find relevant condition - generally between as we have discussed above. and informative articles around the ages of 20-40, because even The good news is, the world has how to manage your symptoms as the most everyday tasks require a become increasingly accepting of manage their symptoms as they age. 40 specialist. They can present you cerebral palsy