Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 38

car conversions & equipment ready to drive The profile on Matthew's twitter account (@renovatingmatthew) describes him as a ‘Husband, father, son, brother and friend to the most amazing people in the world. Engineer, sport lover, limbless guy wanting to make the world a better place’. A quadruple amputee as a result of streptococcal toxic shock acquired five years ago, Matthew has shown remarkable strength of character to adapt to his situation and has Matthew is now engaged in several installers, PME Auto Conversions areas, including governance roles as have a Space Drive Evaluation his recovery; driving a vehicle. a company director and chair and vehicle which is set up to allow member of steering committees for drivers to become familiar with Prior to becoming a quadruple both federal and state governments, Space Drive technology before amputee Matthew had been a motivational speaker and an moving to their own car. It features working as an executive in the ambassador for The Community for an adaptable set up so that a energy and resources sector, Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery variety of controls can be used the culmination of study and a (CO-ADD), a global research and positioned in a way that is 20-year career in environmental program looking for new antibiotics. convenient for the driver. It also recently begun another phase of engineering. He and his wife had He writes a blog renovatingmatthew. features the Space Drive Instructor’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in com and has written a book titled Tanzania, walked to Machu Picchu ‘Will to live’. Most importantly, instructor to monitor the driver's in Peru, and white-water-rafted in Matthew continues to be a devoted actions and take control at any time. New Zealand. They renovated a father and husband, engaged in all home and had four children. aspects of family life. In June 2012, Matthew came down More recently Matthew began accelerator and brake control and with an unassuming sore throat, another stage of his recovery. In the mini-wheel for steering, which he XH]\\[Z[[[]H MHH\Yٙ\Y[X[Y\\[\]X\\˂][Hۜ]و]\Hۋ\Y\\Y[]\\H[]]X\[HY][Z[[\[[H[XH[\][ۘ[\\\[\Yۘ[H[[PH]X\YZ]Y[[]H\H[Y[YY\XHو][\[HYۘ[YH[Y\]YBXY[[[XYXKHTUSXH]H\[K\[[\ܜ[\H\BۜHX[H]X[YYYX]][\XX[\]YۈH\XZH]\܂\H\ܜˈ[]YX[[XXYZ[]H^\]\HB͂\H\\\[H^\\XYHۈ[ܜ[\XHY\[YYY[[\]]Y[ܙ\H[\X]H۝ˈ\Z\[X[\]܋Y[\܂]H\YK\YYY]\[X[\X]ܜ[\\[H\[KXB\۝\[ۜ \]Z\Y[B[ۛ[KK]