Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 26

car conversions & equipment challenges worth the effort Getting your learner’s permit is challenging for all new drivers, but even more so if you have to face additional tests before you Despite Nick’s fierce willpower, “But, more than that, I find that the he said that the process of going order of tasks can be hard. Driving for his licence had been more is all about processes, knowing challenging than he expected. what comes next, and executing can take to the road. that. I can do all the things, but “Initially it was very simple – I spoke part of my disability means that Nick Schumi, 31, from Adelaide, to my GP, and I did some very basic putting that together in the right recently achieved this goal and is reflex tests, and got referred for order can be challenging.” working toward a Provisional license. more testing at a hospital. As part of gaining his learner’s “It was really important to me to get “And I did the L’s theory test, which permit Nick had to spend time in a my driver’s licence,” Nick told Link. is the same test that all drivers have car with an occupational therapist to take and really just required a bit to try out different modifications of learning about the road rules.” to figure out what would work best “I’m really determined because I know the difference it e)ȁ)Ѽٔɔ1ɹѼɥٔͥѼЁѼѵ́ݥѡЁɽ́́ͼݥѠ̃q$ѡЁɽ́́ɕ)ɕ她ѡȁȁ́ݸ̸ȁٕ役Ёȁ䁵)̻t)ɔեєɥtͅ+q%$ٔѼɅȁɅє)9́ɕɅ䰁́ѕȰєЁѡͅqѡѥȁ3éȁ)ݡȁ͕Ȱ́ѕɵѥѡЁ́Ёȁ䁡́Ѽ́եєɕЁѼѡЁѡ)Ѽɥٔѱ丁t9ͅɥٕ̃Lѡ䁵Ёɹ)Ёɽձ́܁Ѽɥٔ)Ё$ѡаͼ)ѕѥɕЁٕ)ȁՍѽ́她Ѽ)ݡЁեѕ䁹̸+q=ѡ$ɹЁ́)хЁЁ́Ѽٔ́Ѽ)ȁݥѠѡ́ԁ+q%ѥ$ѡ՝Ё'eٔѼ)䁡̀MѠɅ)ɹȁɥٕ́ɔɕեɕѼ)́ɥ٥ݥѠՅɥٕ)ɔѡ䁍ȁѡЁх)ѡȁ͔ՍѽˊéȰ)她ѡȁѼ͔ѡȁ)ٔѡɥٔݥѠ()ȁٕͥ̀ե$)