Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 25

[Elly-May] has inspired me to be a better person and shown me what it is to really fight. stronger person. A fighter. I know it can be hard sometimes but you have to believe in yourself and work towards your dreams because whilst we may have some physical limitations, our ability to dream is still very much intact, as is our strength, strength that no one else can know about because they haven’t gone through what we have gone through. Do not let your disability define you for the rest of your life. Dream big, be brave, work hard and be kind. Try not to be too hard on yourself if it doesn’t work out straight away. Find your own unique way of achieving Photo courtesy of Elly-May Barnes your goals because everyone is different and there are many ways to my life but over the years I’ve made my limits and he has made me cry do everything. some really wonderful friends who a few times but he makes me smile have just been so amazing. There are every day and I am so lucky to have too many people to name. One of my baby. I lived a much more self- my amazing friends is actually staying centred life before Dylan came along. with me now, helping me while I I am a better person because of him. Growing up with a disability I had many appointments. Your father often was on the road performing and could not physically be present recover from a minor procedure. My father may not have been able How has becoming a mother at times. What was this like? What is something you would love to achieve that you have to make a lot of my appointments changed you as a person? but I have always been supported I was afraid that my disability would I think there’s always something to and loved. I am very lucky in this really affect my parenting but there work towards. I am about to start way. I have a very big and loving have only really been a few times recording my first album which is family. My dad’s sense of humour where I’ve struggled, as I’m sure is so exciting. I can’t wait to have that has also really helped me get the case with many new parents. I finished and ready to put out in to through a lot. Sometimes you just think being a mother is one of the the world. have to laugh. best things I have achieved in my Who else (aside from family) were some of the instrumental people in your life that supported you not as of yet? life. When I fell pregnant I thought it Jimmy Barnes’ new children’s would be too much for my body to book, Och Aye the G’Nu, and handle but now I have this amazing the companion CD featuring little person and he’s clever and The Wiggles through ABC Music especially in the younger years? sweet and I’ve never loved anyone are out now. For details see: My family are the main support in so much in my life. He pushes me to . interview 23