Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 24

interview How did you as a father We all do the best we can during each child in the family to become have any regrets as a father? encourage, support and embrace the best they could be? any stages of our lives but do you I have a lot of regrets. Could I have el ly-may What it was like growing up in a house full of music? I guess I don’t have anything to compare it to but I do feel very If a child feels loved and feels done this? Could I have done that? lucky to have been exposed to so safe they will go on to be the best But as I have grown older I have much different music throughout they can be. I have tried to give learned that every mistake I have my life. Everyone in my family is them that love and courage to made is an opportunity to learn. I musical, but everyone kind of likes face what comes. You give your don’t look back and let mistakes different styles. children the tools to grow up but drag me down. I would rather look what they choose to do with them forward and see what is coming is up to them. They make mistakes and think about how I can make and they make the right decisions. the right choices and make the All a parent can do is be there to right decisions. Looking back at my up in the Barnes’ house? encourage them and to offer them mistakes is a waste of time unless I As I said, we all kind of like help and love when they need it. can learn from what I see. different music. Dad likes a bit of Aside from having your father’s music in your life, who were some other musical influences growing everything and I have been very Having a family member with a disability can sometimes be a juggling act especially in the younger years. How did you manage these things while being Jimmy Barnes the rock icon? Who were some of the people along the You are a grandfather now. How has that changed you? a kid I really loved Michael Jackson Being a grandparent is great. and as I’ve gotten older I’ve I remember when we first had listened to a lot of Beatles, Rolling children we would be worried about Stones, Neil Young, Bob Dylan (my everything. Oh my god, she coughed baby boy is named Dylan), Blondie, or he’s fallen over and cut his head. Divinyls and David Bowie. way that helped in this journey? Now as grandparents you are a Elly-May was so incredible as a little more calm. Yes, we can fix that child. We knew she was fighting to cough, let’s go to the doctor. He get on top of her disability ]HYYX\]H[\]K]YY\[ܚY\^]X]]Z[ܙX]X]\HY\[[[\\K[HHY]H][[HY&][H[]H[HX\[YKHH\YH^HYH܂][XHH\\XY H]\[]H[HXˈ[[]Hو^H[X]Y\]\X \BY[\[[[HYB[Y[YH\\H[]\Xˈ\•[H\HY[Y\H\ٝ[8&\^H]\X۸&KB[[XY[H]X^H]HY[X]\HHY[ۙH[]\[ܙH܈[H^H[BX\YH]H܈Y ܛX[YKHYY]Z[^ K L܈ YX\[ۙH]\YH\][\\H[][X\x&[H\HZ[Hܘ[\[ۈYH[^H[\Z\\ۈ\Y]HH[H[H\[Y\H\H\۸&]܈]\XHB[Z[HYY]\\[HYYY HݙH[[[[\[\\\H]\[۝[YHܚ]Hۙ[[\H^KH[Hو^\]ۙ\[H\H[\\Y H[HHZX[H]H\YXYݚ[ܚ][[H[YH[[&\][[Y[^\[[[ܙHو] H][HX[H[ܙYXH[H]HH]YX\܈YHX[ۈ\H8$ܜ\\[\[ۈHX؝\\[H]H\X[[H]]\۸&]Y[HH][\XY][[[[\YK]YXH[[H]B[[[H]\X[]Y\™]]\H[Y[X[Bو\[[[YH܈ܚ]Z\[œ[YHY\\[KH]\HY[ZH][Y][ZB[[ۙKH\X[]H[\XZH[HB[\Y]B[ۛ[KK]