Link June 2017 Vol 26 Issue 3 - Page 12

news countdown to wheelchair rugby champs The former governor of New South Wales, His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC, has been named as the patron of the 2018 Wheelchair Rugby World Championships, to be held in Sydney in August 2018. “Seeing the joy that this very Organisers also announced GIO their vision to enrich the lives of physical sport offers to our veterans as the naming right sponsor of the people with a disability through whose injuries through service event, which will be the largest participation in sport.” to their nation resulted in them disability sporting event held in requiring the use of a wheelchair is Australia since the Sydney 2000 DSA chief executive Ms Jeni Cole inspiring,” Governor Hurley said. Paralympics. said partnerships with the Australian Rugby Union and the support of the “As Patron, I am looking forward GIO spokesperson Mr Matthew Department of Defence had assisted to fast and furious games of Kayrooz said “sport is an important in DSA’s successful bid to bring strength, skill and speed, as the part in the wellbeing of all of the GIO 2018 IWRF Wheelchair 11 international teams battle BWBW"ƗfW2Bf"VRvF'Vv'v&B66Fv7BW"6W7G&ƖF6&ƗGB2FffW&VN( 7FWBFRV6VVB`7FVVW'2vV6RFRv&BFvfW&"W&W( 2G&vRgW'FW W"6Gb7FWv6R( vR&RfW'&VBbW"vrWVƖfVBFR6vf66RbFP&ǖ72'&VvBvVV6"'FW'6vFF6&ƗG7'G2WfVB'Vv'FFRv&B( W7G&ƖE4BgVǒ7W'B&WGFW"66W727&v&RfVBFPf"7FWRvRb"VFr7VGW&&v6F2FR6Gb7FW66W76r7FW6V7FfVǒ2Wr6vFW6vVBFV&Pw&VFW"66W72FFR'G2@7VGW&ƖfRbFR6Gb7FW&Vfr&'&W'2ƖRf"VPvFF6&ƗGF&VvW7BR6Ɩ6V6VB'FRF6&ƗGF67&֖F6֗76W""VwW&'F6Fp7F"4WvBFR7FW&v6F26VFS7FWFVG&R6&"&6FRFVG&R66G&V6Fv&Bf'7BFFfR66VFW2&FRW6WVW6WV`g&VR6WBwVFRFBƗ7G2FR6FV&''B&Vf"7FWFR6v6VFW2Wr'F6Fr&v6F2BfW7Ff7FWw&FW'2rfW7Ff66W727&FB7W'G2F&V7G2f6F'2vFF6&ƗGF'BvW'b5r7FWfЦ&fVBƖR66W72v&VW727W'&VB66W72&w&2BfW7Ff6'&vWv&2W7G&Ɩ6V7FfGBfvFf"FFfW2W6rFR6v6'BW6WVB7FFRƖ'&'b5rVRvFF6&ƗGFR66W72U$5B4B'&Rwwr7B6Ww0ƖƖR6