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news The University of South Australia will conduct an evidence-based research study into the benefits of Immersion Therapy this year thanks to funding from the Lifetime Support Authority. Program Director for Clinical Intimate Encounters team L-R Liam Knierim, Denise Beckwith, Dieter Knierim and Belinda Mason. Exercise Physiology at UniSA Dr Kade Davison said a lot of thought has gone into how to best capture the benefits from a scientific standpoint. “It’s clear that the participants are getting benefits but the challenge for us is because the client base is so diverse in their medical history, how do we measure what the benefits are, because the benefits are quite different for each person,” he said. “What Peter has set up is such Filmmakers fund E merging filmmakers with disability Samia Halabi, Dieter Knierem and Daniel Monks have been chosen to lead three teams in creating short films through the Create NSW Screenability Filmmakers Fund. A Muslim woman overcoming Each project receives a $30,000 grant from Create NSW, executive producer assistance, and will be considered for screening as part of the 65th Sydney Film Festival in June. The Screenability Filmmakers Fund is part of a suite of initiatives under Screenability NSW, an a unique therapeutic approach and a childhood speech impediment open-ended policy commitment by anecdotally it seems to be having is the focus of Samia’s Tip Of Create NSW to work with industry to really amazing outcomes but some My Tongue, Dieter’s Intimate create opportunities for Australian of the funding bodies need more Encounters will revisit the subjects filmmakers with disability. rigorous evidence. of 1998 portraits exploring The three shorts (each up to 15 “So we’ve come on board to try sexuality and disability, and minutes long) will be filmed and to put some rigour around evaluating Daniel’s Broken will tell the produced in NSW for delivery by what the outcomes are and providing personal tale of the impact of the end of March. the research evidence that validates disability in a gay relationship. what they are seeing anecdotally.” Peter said Immersion Therapy was designed to complement existing strength in those muscles by doing have been able to reduce their therapies, not replace them. it,” he said. medication; people on medication “The fact that people are “It’s also just the joy people get for depression or anxiety are able underwater and moving against from our service – generally people’s to either stop those altogether or resistance, every movement they wellbeing is significantly increased. heavily reduce them.” make means they are building A lot of people on pain medication news 9