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arts Naughty Hands: Signs of Love, Lust and Insults Presented by Sign Language Australia, Naughty Hands: Signs of Love, Lust and Insults is a comedy that’s back at the Adelaide Fringe by popular demand. Barry Priori takes the audience on an R-rated journey into the hearing- impaired world. Fun The Adelaide Fringe is the at the Fringe Fringe will tell you it’s the best time largest arts festival in the to be in Adelaide. Link highlights seven shows Fringe is that it’s open access, Deaf Comedy Fam which means there’s no curator One in six people in Scotland southern hemisphere. that include artists with disability and disability themes in the 2018 festival kicking off this month. The Adelaide Fringe is Australia’s biggest ticket selling arts festival. The 2018 Adelaide Fringe will run Something great about the handpicking shows. Anyone who suffer from hearing loss. Two of those wants to be a part of the Adelaide people are Ray’s parents. Fringe, can! It’s provides a way for Full of tales about growing up artists across all disciplines to share with parents with hearing loss, this their work with the world. comedy will be performed in both Here are seven shows on the 2018 Fringe program that have a sign language and English. Presented by Ray Bradshaw, from February 16 to March 18 8$[\X[]H[YKXZH\H[HYHXYYYH[HX]Y]B[[ۙH\]\Y[H[HY[H[HY[\[H\][]B]Y]˂]H[HYY[OYXH[۝Z[ܚY\HX[H^Hܚ][HXܚX[[H][]ۚX[\[X[X[Y[ۙ]H[H\X[]H[H]\[X[[][]KYY[O^ܙ\[\Y^HHܚZ[\YX]H[B&XKZ\x&H8$H[و[[H]]\X[]H[[[B^H\Z\X[YH[\[X[H]\X[]HY[[\[[YH[H[H[][]H܈XۛYY Z\\X[]Y\˂\\H]]ؚ[ܘ\X[N\BBHXZ]Y[Y[ZYB[H\\[ܘ[ [ۛ[KK]