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music “We’ve previously worked with Greg, he’s a legend in our ears,” Rohan said. BBC, and many stations across Europe, so we’re pretty chuffed.” Singer Rory Burnside quips: “He’s worked with the best of “Society places this burden them … from You Am I, to basically on me, but the jokes on you … everything you hear on Triple J live we’re touring the world playing audio, is produced by Greg. He’s an our music, not them.” absolute Australian music cultural While in Germany, the band’s legend and we’re thrilled to be drummer, Josh Hogan was also working with him. When we mixed running some sponsored drum ‘Love You Till I Die’, I recall it getting workshops. so good … and basically his hands “He has a couple of clinics on “It’s a small price to pay to have a band like Rudely Interrupted in the charts; we want to shake things up. went up in the air and he turned to syncopation in Berlin as part of the There’s a lot of conversation around me and said ‘Ching Ching Brother, Arts Exchange,” said Rohan. equality in Australia and we can’t what a cracking tune’. I almost cried.” “It’ll be his first clinic, it just think of a better band to help join Rohan spoke to Link from happens to be in Berlin, so it’s damn the charge of change; we deserve it, Germany, where the band was in exciting for him. When we get back we’ve worked for it and we won’t stop the middle of its European tour. to Australia we’re trying to set up until we are included in the Australian a clinic there too, but it’s really a music culture, our passion is as strong Exchange invited us to perform in “The Germany/Australian Arts testament to his work ethic towards as any of our peers, but we can’t do it Berlin,” Rohan said. his drumming that’s taken him to this without you!” “We managed to turn that opportunity into a bigger level of professionalism.” Rudely Interrupted is back on Rory adds: “They’re good songs, really good songs and we can’t wait opportunity for us, so we got some Australia shores for a promotional to get on the road. We’re ready to other shows around Germany, tour of the country. rock and roll. We care little what you Sweden and Poland and made a “We want to make the top 20 in European tour to promote Love Australia, and we want people to help You Till I Die. We’ve had spins on us,” said Rohan. might think of disability, our music isn’t disabled.” Fold, Pack, Travel 1300 622 633 Rome wasn’t seen in a day music 55