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feature A better life Interaction Disability Services has been providing personalised accommodation supports for people individually and in Lighthouse Disability prides itself on teamwork. shared settings since 1979. I nteraction’s General Manager of Operations, Maggie Vincent, said three levels of support are available with Interaction across Sydney’s north- west and western suburbs. “Our low level supported accommodation offers intermittent drop-in supports, providing low-level supervision of living arrangements,” Ms Vincent said. “We have medium level supported accommodation with 24-hour support including active assistance or supervision with daily tasks. Overnight stay is included. “Our high level supported accommodation provides a ‘round the clock’ 24-hour intensive level of support including managing challenging behaviours that require positive behaviour support, continual assistance with all daily tasks, and active management of complex medical needs.” Ms Vincent said the NDIS registered organisation does not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. “Every day accommodation supports are designed to suit all needs, with a focus on building individual capacity to live more independently through encouraging skills training and life-goal planning,” she said. Ms Vincent said being person-centred, Interaction works with people for their better life now and in the future. A beacon of hope for families Lighthouse Disability in South Australia has a strong track record of providing 24-hour support and accommodation to people with diverse and complex disabilities. C hief Executive Officer Marjorie Ellis said many people come to Lighthouse because their families can no longer provide care within the family home. “We know that families often struggle with the idea of other people or an organisation caring for their loved one in a full-time support arrangement,” Ms Ellis said. “It is a big decision and there is a lot to consider.” Ms Ellis said Lighthouse Disability works closely with families to understand their loved ones’ needs, wants and preferences so services can be tailored accordingly. “We recognise that trust and respect are vital components of the important relationship between clients, families and staff,” she said. “Families who are currently associated with Lighthouse Disability have said that they want their family members to be safe and happy. When this is assured, they say it brings peace of mind and a huge sense of relief that they are no longer solely responsible for their loved one. Many report an improved relationship with their loved one and a better quality of time spent together.” Ms Ellis said having made the decision to seek support, families are pleased to see that their family member is involved in a range of different activities that may not have been possible at home. “In addition, the family member enjoys the camaraderie of housemates and is connected with community activities,” she said. accommodation 47