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feature FSG Lifestyle Coach Marcus Hansen (left) with Barbara and Wayne Viney. Independence brings happiness for Wayne Barbara and Gary Viney process I could see the method in his were told that their son Thursday night dinners at the FSG madness. The difference in Wayne Hub in mid-2016 and he joined between then and now is remarkable. independently. some of the social activities to He’s a lot happier,” she said. Wayne would never live W hen Wayne celebrated his 49th birthday, his parents were faced with see if it had a positive outcome. Mr Hansen said it took just three Wayne’s outlook was immediately weeks of practising for Wayne to more positive and upbeat. be able to navigate his apartment “Wayne now enjoys an action- packed week. Apart from tenpin block’s security. “That was something he was once the question, ‘what will happen after bowling and lunches with friends, told he would never be able to do,” we’re gone?’. he also attends the numeracy Mr Hansen said. The FSG Australia MyHome team and literacy group, Cooking “Never underestimate someone’s has been working with families like Club, grocery shopping, and the ability. If you give them the chance, the Vineys for more than 10 years. budgeting and finances group. These you have no idea what impact that FSG Lifestyle Coach Marcus Hansen initiatives provide real life learning could have.” said the team has successfully worked opportunities.” with families to help people with However, Wayne’s biggest disability achieve independence. achievement was when he moved “There is an assumption that no service or individual has the time into his own apartment in 2017. Barbara Viney said she was not Wayne said one of his favourite things is the view from his apartment. “I live close to the shops. I swim in my pool and have dinner with required to work with someone to keen on the idea of Wayne living my friends. I’m also learning to use achieve a level of independence,” independently at first. public transport on my own,” he said. Mr Hansen said. 46 “We introduced Wayne to accommodation “But after Marcus explained the