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feature WELCOME to the FAMILY “If it’s not good enough for my family, then it’s not good enough for you.” That’s the quote which South Australian family business SACARE lives by. S ince starting in 1994, SACARE suburbs of Magill, North Adelaide, everyone to work with our Social now has five supported Kingswood, Prospect and Hope and Behaviour Therapies Team independent living facilities in Valley, are close to medical to establish personal goals and the Adelaide metropolitan area, with professionals, public transport achieve them in an inclusive and a sixth one on the way. routes and community amenities. encouraging environment.” “Each setting is designed to Nick Benwell is a resident at of Client Relations and Service include state of the art features SACARE’s Tolley House at Hope Delivery – and is also daughter of to encourage and enable our Valley in Adelaide’s north-eastern SACARE’s founders Andrew and customers to develop and maintain suburbs. Sue Marshall. independence,” Ms Kempe said. Chloe Kempe is General Manager Ms Kempe said SACARE’s “All properties include 24-hour “Leaving the rehabilitation clinic and moving into SACARE’s Tolley supported independent living resident support with some of them House has given my mental attitude a options, located in the Adelaide including kitch []\[Z]\[ N YYܙYH\\[ 8'HXZY Z[[Y\˂'H^[ۙܙX][šY\ˈ\[YH\\[^\¸'H[H\Y\[HYB[H][][[[\K'BPTx&\]\][Y[ ۈ\ܝ[\\Y\&H8&H[\&H[[\؝\K[\™]\\H[[[HXXۈZ[[[ZX[]][ۂZ\\[X[ \\H][[[ۜ\X\'HXۚ\H]]\[ۙBH[HوY\H[\ܝY[]HHܝ[]H][X[[][ۈ[ۜ˂]\ۘ[[[\YH\[\HZY\X[]B\ۘ[[\\ˈH[XH[[YHH]\\\]BXH[\\Y\[\”PTIX\H\H][ XݙJK[Y\HY]Z[[Y\ Y K X[[][ۂB[^][\ܝ\܈]]\[X[ZX[]][ۈ\X\˂˜X\KK]B[ۛ[KK]