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feature Clockwise from far left: Toby does the washing in his new home; Afford Group Homes residents Toby, Andrew and Daryl; Afford Group Homes residents Andrew, Daryl and Toby with Afford CEO Steven Herald. Celebrating community living Celebrating one year in their purpose-built homes, residents of the Australian Foundation for Disability (Afford) Group Homes in Penrith, Sydney, have developed confidence in living independently. W the chance to live comfortably with their own space and routines and enjoy the social aspect of living with others with similar interests and experiences,” Mr Herald said. “The homes have a real hen Afford teamed maintain the gardens by planting community feel with everyone up with the NSW and harvesting vegetables to use in putting in the effort to make their State Government’s cooking, as well as decorating the homes look great and suit their Family and Community Services – outdoor area through painting and lifestyle. Many of the residents come Ageing Disability and Home Care general garden maintenance. together for barbecues, to share a QHZ[ Lܛ\Y\”\Y[وHYܙܛ\YX[]\[[X]HXX܈ \Y[H[\Y\\H\ܝY \HܙX]HY[H[\ۛY[^K][^\HYZH]X[YYY\H\Y[[[H][Y\[H\\[ˈ\\X[\XH[[H[][]BYH]XH[۝ \X[Y\Z[\ܝYX]]Y\8$H]\]H܈X[H\•H\Y[[ݙY[B\&\Z[\ۙ\˂'[\Y[ܚ[BX\X]X[HX][X]Z\[[Y[[H[[]Y\]H[YYX\[[[X[HYX[[ۜX[KH[YHx'B]YH[XZ[]Y[[]H\\X\] [Z[YH[H\Y\و][\[ YܙSZ\Y\˂\\[ZYܛ\Y\\BX\\H[H]\X[]BZY]Yܙܛ\Y\[Y[YH[YܝXH[B]HY[[YYH\Y[Y[H[\ۛY[X\[Bܝ[]H۝X]HH[Z\[Z[Y\\[\HZ\[]HHܝ[]Hœ[[وHYH[H[X[ۈY\[][][]K\^ܙH[[H[]Z\[و\]\H܈[[ۈX\ˈH^Hو[\Y[]\]H[][]H\ٙ\\[X]\[ܚ]\[X[[\[ۋXX\Y[\YB'\HY\ٙ\\Y[˜X[[][ۂB˘Yܙ K]B[ۛ[KK]