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people has regained his livelihood, and his Royal Rehab for five weeks. I should mobility and strength. not even be able to walk, so I’m Late last year, Barton completed a unique fitness challenge to raise funds for Royal Rehab. He set out to be the first person forever grateful for all the support they gave me.” Barton now enjoys helping others in their own fitness journey. Having in the world to complete 1,000 dead had to adapt his own training after lifts (60kg weight) and 1,000 push ups the accident, led Barton to develop in one hour.  his own unique training system, which He used the challenge, which he undertook at Herb Greedy Hall he calls the Hench Fit system. “Hench Fit utilises your own body in Marrickville, to showcase the weight for resistance and minimal difference Royal Rehab made in his equipment,” he said. recovery journey. “I also wanted to inspire others “My aim as a trainer is to pass on this knowledge and experience to who have been through similar others and help them to be the best experiences to see there is hope for they can be.” the future,” he said. Barton raised $2,450 for Royal Rehab d W&rFR6VvRv6P6WFVBW7BfW"FRRW FRg&RRv2rF'&V( &GBWfW"FRvBFB&Vf&R6גFRb2֖WFW0vV&VvG&r'F'G2v6V6ǒ&V6Rג76গ2v&B&V6&B( R6B( FRW"FRƖ֗Bv2RgFW"FR66FVBv2V&Rf"6VBח6Vb2&VƖWfRFRF6&W76fVǒBג7R6VBFBW"6&7V7F6W0"ƖgBFrVfW"FVrFRFVBFF( BRF@( 'WBגfFW722ƗFW&ǒ6fV@גƖfR( ХvFF26V6B66RBƖfRFR'WBV&VBB&WBח6V`BvB6&Rb$v&RFrFR6VvP&'F7F'FVBFr&GvVvBvגwBRvFGvWW&66W2FFrF2W&W2vFW76W2F&fRFח6VbB6&P6R6VBVBvWB2fFW72FRVFW"W"&6W7BfW"F&VRV'2FW"vFW'6WfW&6RB&Bv&PƖƖR6R( Ğ( &RFFF26VvRGVPFFR6&RB7W'B&V6VfVB@VP#