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people BARTON’S BOUNDLESS ENERGY Sydney personal trainer Paul Barton has completed a fitness challenge to raise funds for New South Wales rehabilitation and disability support network Royal Rehab. Barton shares his story of recovery from spinal and brain injury, and how he finds reward in encouraging others to be their best selves. 28 people I n 2014, Paul ‘Barton’ Barton was Barton (pictured above and right) working as a personal trainer with was placed in an induced coma for 12 dreams of becoming a mixed- days. After three weeks in hospital he martial arts (MMA) fighter. However, was transferred to Royal Rehab for a his dream was crushed when he was further five weeks of recovery. hit by a car while cycling to work. He was ejected into the car Before the accident, Barton could dead lift 185kg. Upon waking, he was windscreen, which shattered his devastated that he needed to learn spine and left him with a brain injury. how to walk again. Doctors later told him if he had not been so physically fit at the time of the accident, his body would not have been able to survive the trauma. “My life changed when I was injured in the accident,” Barton, 35, said. “My fitness journey began as a young bodybuilder and then evolved