Link December 2018 Volume 27 Issue 6 - Page 62

telstra Auslan for families at Expression Australia. Tech for good Telstra’s ‘tech for good’ portfolio is all about technology that benefits society and the planet. The Telstra Foundation, through the Tech4Good Challenge, recently worked with 15 non-profit organisations – including Expression Australia – that are passionate about improving accessibility for young people with disability. O to develop an app that will help remove the stigma and improve mainstream community attitudes towards deaf people. The app – with a working title of ‘Auslan Anywhere’ – will provide key signs, sentences, poetry, stories and even songs in Auslan as well as best practice guidelines for how to address and livia Beasley is Expression communication barriers, but it is rare communicate with people who Australia’s Youth she meets a hearing person who can are deaf or hard of hearing. Engagement Officer. communicate with her through sign Growing up, her home life was no different to anyone else’s.  Even though she was born deaf, language. Through her work at Expression “The difference between this app and others that exist already is that users will be able to request Auslan Australia, Olivia has seen many translations for words they would like communicating with her parents was young people experience these to know, and the deaf community will never a challenge as they were deaf same challenges through school, then respond by uploading videos too and used Auslan at home. sporting groups and other social to match these requests,” she said. But, as soon as Olivia stepped outside the front door, she entered environments. “These experiences are so “All of the content would be crowd sourced directly from the deaf a world that can hear – and everyday common, and it got us thinking, community, giving them a sense of situations like shopping, going what can we do to help embed ownership of the app.” to the library or attending a Girl Auslan into everyday life to Guides’ meeting brought unique improve communication and social Tech4Good hub highlights more challenges. interactions between the deaf about the Tech4Good Challenge community and those with hearing?” and the 15 participating non-profit Olivia said. organisations. Like many deaf people, Olivia employs multiple strategies like writing things down and using interpreters to help her overcome 62 started exploring opportunities telstra Through the Tech4Good Challenge, Olivia and her team The Telstra Foundation’s digital-futures/tech-for-good