Link December 2018 Volume 27 Issue 6 - Page 6

link loves complemented the Fringe’s growing number of initiatives to improve the festival’s accessibility and inclusion. “We’re an open access festival, so it comes with the territory that we want everyone to be able to join in on the wonderful artistic experience our Fringe has to offer,” she said. loves W “To achieve this, Adelaide Fringe is constantly looking for ways Winning Fringe poster to cater for all artists and audience members – everything from detailed venue information to initiatives like audio tours for people who are arnambool painter Matthew Clarke put himself in the spotlight in his winning design for the 2019 Adelaide Fringe official poster. visually impaired. Above: Matthew Clarke with one of his other designs. Left: The winning design for the Adelaide Fringe. Matthew, who identifies as having intellectual disability, said the poster is a self-portrait of himself as a Fringe performer. He started creating art in 2005 and works with acrylic on linen. “We’re looking forward to introducing new measures to make the 2019 Adelaide Fringe our most accessible festival yet so everyone can come along for the ride.” Ms Croall said Matthew’s work has a fabulous abstract style that is sure to catch people’s eye and get them excited for the Fringe. “We chose Matthew’s entry Melbourne Art Trams project last because of the striking, fiery brush to express my happiness to others,” year. Now his work is set to appear strokes that convey a sense of risk- he said. on Adelaide trams as part of the taking and adventure and the vibrant marketing campaign for the 2019 colours that encapsulate the energy of Adelaide Fringe. the Fringe,” she said. “For me, painting is about wanting “I like using bold, bright colours so it attracts people and makes them feel happy about art. I have a “I’m excited to see my poster “It all comes together to create disability, so I’m quite proud to show displayed all over Adelaide. It really a stunning self-portrait of the artist there’s no barrier between that and means a lot to me,” Matthew said. putting on a Fringe show. We love the making artwork.” Matthew was commissioned to create a painting for the prestigious Adelaide Fringe Director and CEO Heather Croall said the fact the winner is an artist with disability story behind the poster and the way it celebrates the performer in all of us.” Share your views and read about all things disability-related at 6 link loves