Link December 2018 Volume 27 Issue 6 - Page 51

“It’s one of our major sponsorships for the year and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the lives of people with disability,” Paul said. Winners of the 2018 awards were: Nova Choice Award: Maya Linsky, Not in Nature. International winners: Judges’ Choice short film Miriam Fox, Look for Me; Judges’ Choice documentary Steven Fraser, What It Feels Like; votes Nicole Molloy and Matt Watt, With Kindness; best producer short most online votes Thiranjaya Dilhan, He Will Walk; best Australian actor film REDinc, Everyone is different. Silent Sigh; best international actor George Holahan-Cantwell, Inclusion Christian Apolinario, The Complicated Makes The World More Vibrant; Choice short film Airds High School, Am Dance to the Wheel of Life. best director Lifeforce Centre for I Special or ‘Special’?’, Judges Choice Learning, Whycroft Legacy; best documentary Al-Taqwa College, Hear in Choice short film Sebastian Chan, Bus screenplay Carl Emmerson and Dan My Shoes; most online votes Kooringal Trip; Judges’ Choice documentary Sanguineti, Airlock; best producer High School, We Can Do It! Kasimir Burgess, Paul; most online documentary Sally Newman, Walk Open entrant winners: Judges’ School entrant winners: Judges employment 51