Link December 2018 Volume 27 Issue 6 - Page 41

Raising the bar People with disability are often promoted as being great employees, but what’s not often talked about, is that people with disability can be successful employers, business owners and corporate leaders too. Link speaks to successful business people Anne-Marie Howarth and Mal Turnbull who are helping to raise the bar when it comes to career expectations. A nne-Marie Howarth (pictured right) is the founder of Paralogic, a Sydney-based company which provides quality catheters at affordable prices. “I started the business to solve a problem,” Anne-Marie said. “I had an accident in 2005 which resulted in a spinal cord injury and permanent paraplegia. This also couldn’t be the only one struggling what matters to me has been with the expense of catheters, so I shaped and focussed by some decided to do something about it, hard experiences. Now I get to and that’s when I founded Paralogic.” take that and change the world for Eight years later, and Paralogic the better,” Anne-Marie said. meant I lost the voluntary use of my now has wide range of incontinence bladder, so I need to use a catheter products, several staff and thousands optional for our customer base; each time I go to the bathroom. of customers. affordability and reliability are “These catheters were very “Having a disability and running “Incontinence products are not critical, and I feel that we deliver expensive – I was looking at spending a company means I can prioritise on these things better than anyone $100k over my lifetime. I knew I the things that matter to me, and else. I’ve also been able to offer employment 41