Link December 2018 Volume 27 Issue 6 - Page 12

ndis The NDIS is designed to give people with disability more choice and control over supports, but it also means managing the budgets for those supports. For many people this is quite a daunting responsibility: How do I spend my budgets wisely? And how to keep track of how much I’m Plan Partners’ Finance Manager, James Hao, shows the online dashboard to a customer. spending? James Hao, Finance Manager from Plan Partners, explains. Managing your NDIS budgets T o make sure you spend your One risk is ‘overspending’: it can be Partners will manage your NDIS budgets wisely, it’s important surprisingly easy to get through your finances. We know exactly what the to clearly understand what the NDIS funds too quickly, which might NDIS usually funds and what not. cause you to ease up or even stop We will process all your invoices, receiving certain supports, pay out so you don’t have to worry about your what budgets the NDIS has allocated of your own pocket or request a plan providers being paid. And best of to your supports, in up to 15 review mid-way. all, we also give you access to your NDIS funds – and what not. Your NDIS plan states exactly categories of supports, for instance The other risk is ‘underspending’: ‘Consumables’, ‘Assistance with If you’re not spending all your can easily keep track of your budgets Social and Community Participation’ budgets, the NDIS might decide to and see the status of your invoices. and ‘Improved Life Choices’. Finding reduce your budgets in your next out what is exactly covered under NDIS plan, which can seriously impact Manager to support you in managing these categories can be pretty the supports you can receive. your NDIS funds? Just ask for Plan hard, and the NDIS only funds your Would you like to have a Plan Management in your planning supports if they are directly related Get an expert to support you meeting – it is your legal right to to your disability and are considered You might think, “I don’t have the have it included in your NDIS plan. reasonable and necessary. time or energy to dive into all this”. Do you already have an NDIS plan But a great thing about the NDIS but no Plan Management included? Tracking your spending is that it can actually fund a Plan This might be a good reason to ask There are two big risks if you don’t Manager for you. for a review. keep a close eye on your spending. 12 own online dashboard, where you ndis As your Plan Manager, Plan